I’m Voting to Re-Elect BJ Mathis for Chairman

Now my family and I have been supporters of BJ Mathis for a long time now, and it comes as no surprise that on July 31st I will be voting for her to be re-elected as our Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. I don’t need any more convincing to cast my vote for her, but that is in part due to the kind of information that I’ve been given regarding her success in the county. Many other people though aren’t getting the sort of information they need to make an accurate decision.

I thought I would give a bit of information that I have heard not only from workers in Henry County, but also residents who have decided to vote for BJ Mathis.

  1. Under BJ Mathis’ leadership the County budget has seen a ~$17 Million reduction between the years 2009 and 2011 (continued to 2012). That’s a reduction from about $132 Million to $115 Million! I didn’t think it was possible to reduce the amount of money that you use and still grow as a county given this tough economy we are still enduring, but BJ Mathis made sure that we could do what we needed to do with less money.
  2. Since 2009 we have noticed a decrease in property taxes, and this is definitely related to the decrease in our budget. Of course we have seen a decrease in property values because of the recession, but with the cut in the budget we didn’t have to increase the mileage rate and continue paying higher taxes for lower valued homes. Families that I’ve spoken to love that the taxes have been lowered, because paying less money and having the same stuff is always a good thing! Again, these tough–and ultimately ingenious–decisions were made by BJ Mathis as our Chairman.

There are many more reasons for voting to re-elect BJ Mathis for office, and I will touch on those points in the coming days. It is important to keep the Chairman in office so that we can continue to grow as a county!


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