4th of July – Trea Pipkin

I hope everyone had a spectacular 4th of July! I was out and about at Nash Farm for the festivities and had a really great time. I also have to applaud the efforts of BJ Mathis and Vincent Lotti for being present as well. Both were really approachable and made the event seem more lively with their booths! Along with vendors selling good food, the music and of course the fireworks were amazing. I’d recommend anyone to attend next year if they get the chance, it’s well worth the $5/person charge.

On another note, I wanted to talk a bit about an appointment the Governor of Georgia made this week. In case you weren’t aware, the Governor appointed Henry County’s own Assistant District Attorney John “Trea” Pipkin to be the Solicitor General of Georgia. Trea has had one of the best conviction records in Henry County and he will no doubt carry on this excellence in his new position. In addition to being an outstanding DA for the county, Trea has been a volunteer for People First of Henry as well as the Haven House.

I’m confident that with his past record of success and dedication to the county’s community that he will do an excellent job for Henry County! Congratulations Trea!


People First of Henry County’s Facebook Page

Haven House’s Official Website

Trea’s Appointment via Henry Daily Herald


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