Looks like we have a few run-offs

Clockwise from top left: Gary Barham, Bill Toney, Elizabeth “BJ” Mathis, Tommy Smith

Following the elections on July 31st we as a county have found ourselves with a few run-offs as well as some wins that needed to happen.

First and foremost, Dale Rutledge was able to win against Steve Davis in District 109 for the State House seat.

Second, in District 3  there will be a run-off between Gary Barham and Bill Toney. I first heard of Mr. Barham when I attended the Fraternal Order of Police’s Forum with several candidates running for office/re-election and I enjoyed what he had to say. I also heard Bill Toney for the first time at the same Forum. Ken Sherman saw a defeat in District 3, but has since thrown his support behind Gary Barham as seen on the I ♥ McDonough, Georgia page.

Third, in District 1 we saw Bo Moss win against Warren Holder by a margin of around 15 votes. Because the number is so low, Mr. Holder has asked for a recount that is scheduled for Monday August 6th.

Last, our current Chairman Elizabeth “BJ” Mathis is in a run-off with candidate Tommy Smith for the spot of Chairman of the BOC. I believe it is evident in my earlier posts that I would like to see BJ Mathis back in office because I like what she has done for the county. Not only has she brought jobs for the people here during these tough economic times, but she has made improvements to the county that will entice businesses to set up camp here. I think we all agree that improving the economy is something we really need during these tough times. Jane Rutledge, another candidate for Chairman of the Board, saw a defeat in the July 31st Primary.

And that folks is where we stand. Now we need people to get out and vote again on August 21st so we can keep the right people in office.


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